Thursday, August 7, 2014

Author Spotlight: Martin Gijzemijter: Author of Dinner with God

I received an email last night, from someone who touched me with his story. My email came from Martin Gijzemijter, and he was telling me his incredible story of how his father (and himself of course) had the unfortunate circumstances of losing someone very close to the both of them. Martin's Mom, his father's wife, passed away. His father was having a hard time dealing with it, and coping, and from an "outsiders" view, Martin felt helpless at how to help his father come to terms with the sadness around him, and the pain of losing his wife.

Of course, Martin was sad too. But it is a whole different story when you see someone else go through so much, as Martin's father had.

This story touched so close to home for me. December 28th, 2013, my Grandma passed away. It was devastating to so many of us in our family, but it just about killed my Mom. It killed me, and still does, to see how heartbroken she is. That was her Mother. Her best friend. She never knew a life where she did not have her. Same for Martin's father.

Well, Martin did something incredible for his father. He decided to write a novel, Dinner with God, to help his father cope with the loss of his wife. In Martin's words, "It started with a letter, then turned into a story, and eventually into a novel".

In the novel Dinner with God, Martin is able to send his father on one last adventure with his mother, to allow them to say goodbye. To have closure they did not get. By doing this, Martin states that he is showing his father that he still does have things to live for, and to be grateful for.

Martin was having trouble finishing the project. He couldn't understand why. He met deadlines all of the time. But then he came to the realization that there really wasn't a deadline. There wasn't necessarily a hurry to get in entirely finished, over night. And that, folks, is how his next dream on this project started. Martin decided to write his novel online, with one requirement. He had to write 1000 words a day. By doing this, he would gain followers, who would want to know more, who would want to come back to see what happens.

Once he finished this amazing feat, he was able to get the book published and translated into Dutch. How amazing is that? The novel has been very popular among the Netherlands and now he wants to get the book translated back into English, doing the same thing he did before. 1000 words a day, online.

Once it is completely translated, he will leave it online for an entire week, then take it down to have it edited and published in English.

Based on all of this alone, I cannot wait until 1. this is published online for a week and 2. It is published for all of us to go out and purchase. I will be the first one in line. I promise you that.

The reason Martin is doing this, getting it published, is because it helped his father so much that he and his father are hoping to touch others, and that it will give others hope and courage to be okay again after losing someone close to them.

Finally, with all of that said... this is what we need from you, as readers, as followers, as believers, as what you are...

We, and mostly Martin and his father need to get the word out there. We need to let everyone know about this project. We need to show everyone how important it is to get this novel translated back in English, and to get in published.

You can find more on Martin's project by going here:

Research more into it if you want to. But please, share this if it is on your heart. I feel like this was brought to me for a reason, it is weighing on my heart to get this out there, and I hope it does your as well.

I have told Martin that I will everything I can to help make this dream come true.

If you need anymore information about what you can do, please contact me and I will be in touch with Martin every step of the way during this project. We will do what we can to make this dream come true.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Winner for Finding Me by Michelle Knight Book Contest

Hello, everyone!

Sorry for the late post. July 30th was the last day to enter the contest to win Michelle Knight's book Finding Me. Unfortunately, only 4 people entered the contest. I used to choose a winner, and Pat S. won! She had 24 hours to respond, in which she did! She is very excited to read Finding Me!

If you haven't read it yet, I highly suggest you do so! You can find my review here.

Congratulations, Pat! Expect your copy of Finding Me in the mail very soon!

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