About Me

Hello All! My name is Stephany, and I am 27 years old from Grand Rapids, Michigan! I am attending college where I am studying Business Management, where in 2014, I graduated with my Associates of Arts in Business Foundations degree. Now, I am attending a University where I am studying Business Management working towards my Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on Sustainable Business. With this degree, I am unsure of what I am going to do. My original plan was to open a book store, but with book stores closing so quickly, I may have to find something different to do! 

I started this blog mostly because I am a HUGE book reader, and I have always wanted to write reviews about the books that I've read. I don't have a whole lot of friends who read as much as I do, so I can't really talk to them about my current selection of books, and why or why not I am enjoying them. So, why not start a blog where others who love books as much as I do, can get on and read my reviews and rant and rave with me!? 

I hope you all enjoy reading my book reviews, and please note that I am open to all and any suggestions on books you've read and would like me to read and/or review! I also take suggestions from any publishers as well! You can find more information on my contact page!

Happy Reading!!! 

New Blog

Hello followers! First, let me say sorry yet again that I have not been very active on my blog site. The reason for that is because I have...