Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright

Title: The Wednesday Letters

Author: Jason F. Wright

Why I Read This Book: I read a review on this book on another blog, and I wanted to check it out!

Where I Got It: You'll never guess... the Public Library!

Rating: A

This book is about two older couples who own their own Bed and Breakfast, and the husband, Jack, has a brain tumor that he and his wife, Laurel, have to get through. They've got three children, Mathew, Malcolm and Samantha.

Jack and Laurel have been married for 39 years, and have what appears to be, the perfect marriage. They had the dream of opening up their own B&B someday, and luckily they were able to. One night while Jack and Laurel were in bed, Laurel was complaining of heartburn, but all of a sudden she was clutching her chest, and gasping for air. She was asking Jack for help, but he was incredibly weakened by his brain tumor that he could not help her. Sadly, she passed away. During their 39 years of marriage, Jack wrote a letter to Laurel every Wednesday. After Laurel took her last breath that night, Jack wrote his final Wednesday letter to Laurel, then tucked it away, laid down in bed next to his wife, putting his arms around her, and took his final breath as well. Their three children come together in the grieving process before the funeral and happen to stumble upon the boxes and boxes of Wednesday letters that their father and written to their Mother. As they were reading through the letters, they each found out something about their past that they hadn't known before, most of the secrets being a trying realization.

This book is about redemption, forgiveness, longing, remembering, grieving, and understanding that life is the hardest thing you'll ever life through, but with family, God, and friends, you can live through anything.

I personally thought this was a fantastic book. It was cute, funny, sad, heart warming and heart breaking. I found myself bawling like a little baby in some parts, laughing in others, and there are a lot of jaw dropping events as well. I highly HIGHLY recommend that you ALL add this book to your TBR pile/lists. To tell you how much I enjoyed this book, it's 280 pages long, and I finished it ONE day! Less than 12 hours. And the best part of the book... at least in the copy I had from the library, was an envelope that said "Epilogue" on it, and it was a letter. I won't tell you who wrote it, or what it said, but that was AWESOME! It was the perfect ending to a perfect story!

Please, if you've read this book, or when you do, let me know how you liked and/or disliked it!


Anne Bennett said...

Hi I am dropping by on the Friday Hop where we look at other's book reviews. I am awarding you a Life is Good Award. Take a look:
Have a good day.

TheBookGirl said...

That sounds like a remarkable book -- if it can make you laugh out loud and cry like a baby all in one day :)

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