Friday, October 1, 2010

Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

Wicked AppetiteTitle: Wicked Appetite 

Author: Janet Evanovich

Where I Got It: Public Library

Why I Read It: She's one of my favorite authors, and it's a new book so of course I wanted to read it!

Rating: A!!! 

I can describe this book in two words: Freaking Hilarious!!!!!! 

I don't think I stopped laughing through out the entire book -- and this book is 313 pages long!! Through a few chapters my stomach was literally hurting from laughing so hard and so much. I should have abs of steel by now!!!

Wicked Appetite is about this guy named Diesel, his cousin Gerwulf Grimore (Wulf for short), and Lizzy Tucker. Diesel is a mysterious, tall, dark and handsome "Unmentionable" who appears in Lizzy's life out of nowhere, Wulf is also a mysterious, not-so-handsome "Unmentionable" and Lizzy is a pastry chef at the bakery Dazzles, where she too finds out she's an "Unmentionable." Each of these characters possess crazy talents that a normal person wouldn't. Wulf can disappear, leaving fire and smoke in his wake, Diesel can unlock doors and read minds, and Lizzy makes outstanding cupcakes. Diesel and Wulf come into Lizzy's life because they're both looking for something-- the stones that possess the seven deadly sins-- pride, greed, lust, envy wrath, sloth and gluttony. It's believed that Lizzy can use her powers to find these stones, and Wulf wants her apart of his team, but Diesel beats him to the punch and Diesel comes into Lizzy's life to protect her. And so, they all set out in an adventure trying to find these stones, while a crazy monkey, and ninja cat appear in Lizzy's life. 

This book is full of crazy mishaps, funny and down right hilarious situations and circumstances that could only happy to the unluckiest person, and it's full of drama. It doesn't have too much drama that makes a book seem too unreal, it's just enough to keep you wanting to turn the page to see what happens next! 

I don't want to give too much away.. but some of the funny these that will make you laugh is when someone in the book starts talking gibberish. I mean, you can just picture this person in your head and having them talk crazy to you and you bust out laughing instantly. Then there's the crazy monkey who will flip you off if you don't do something he likes. Hopefully I haven't given too much away.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERYONE!!! You will NOT be disappointed! And, for those of you who have read some of Janet's Stephanie Plum novels, Diesel is a character from one of these (along with the monkey) and Janet is/has started a separate series with just Diesel! 

This book, undoubtedly deserves an A! 


TheBookGirl said...

Wow, how can I not read this book after that review :)
I have not read any of her previous stuff, but this looks like the one to start with!

Stephany said...

I tried really hard to make that one of my better reviews! Lol. It was THAT good of a book. Even so, I feel like I didn't do it justice. But I definitely suggest you read it!

booksploring said...

I LOVE the Stephanie Plum books. Just got an e-mail that this one's waiting for me at the public library. Glad to read your review because I was a bit hesitant about this one...not a big fan of supernatural...but this sounds hilarious ;-)

Stephany said...


I'm not a big fan of supernatural either but you can hardly tell how supernatural it is or what not because it's SO funny and well written.

Let me know how you like it!

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