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Longing by Karen Kingsbury

Title: Longing

Author: Karen Kingsbury

Why I Read It: It's the third book in the Bailey Flangian series. I've read the first two, so of course I needed to read this one.

Where I Got It: Target

Rating: 5/5 stars

Overview from Barnes and Noble:

While Bailey Flanigan wrestles with feelings for Brandon Paul, Cody Coleman's work coaching a small-town football team has brought him and his players national attention. In the midst of the celebration and success, Cody finds himself much closer to a woman who seems to better understand him and his new life. Even so, never does much time go by without Bailey and Cody experiencing deep feelings of longing for each other, longing both for the past and for answers before they can move forward.
Will an unexpected loss be the turning point for Cody? Will Cody and Bailey find a way back together again for the first time in more than a year? And if they do, will their brief time together be enough to help them remember all they've been longing for?

I'm sure that I've mentioned this time and time again about Karen Kingsbury as an author, but I feel like she is the best author to bring her characters to life. She makes you feel like you're best friends with the people she writes about. 

In this book, the third book in the series, Bailey is still in the broadway play in New York. She's working towards her dreams and goals, while still dating Brandon Paul, the famous movie star, and every once in a while, thinking about Cody Coleman and longing for him, wondering the "what if's" that no one ever likes to think about. Bailey struggles with her love for Brandon Paul, and the struggles of knowing what her and Cody had in the past. She continues to ask herself why things happened the way they did between the two of them.

Mean while, Cody is being more and more famous with the Football team he coaches at Lyle High School. The team is going to be featured on ESPN, as well as Sports Illustrated. Cody and Demetri have to fly to New York for both of these amazing accomplishments, while they're there, someone through Espn, has two tickets for them to enjoy dinner, and a Broadway show while in New York. Cody knows in the back of his head that it may or may not be the show Bailey performs in. He constantly thinks about it, and questions whether or not he can stand seeing her. 

The book flips back and forth between Cody and Bailey, and Bailey and Brandon. Brandon wants Bailey to read a script in LA so she may be able to be in a movie with him. While they're in LA, Bailey has to "get used to" all of the Paparazzi that chases Brandon constantly. When they're back in New York, Cody thinks about asking Bailey to marry him. Going as far as making a trip to the jewelry store. 

Cody goes through something intense personal issues with his friend Cheyanne, which leaves him questioning everything hes done in his life, including his faith. 

Again, Karen has the ability to make you feel like you know these characters in real life. She makes them seem so real, and you find yourself routing on each person, wanting to hold their hand during the tough times, and celebrate with them during the good times. Not very many authors can do that, and this is why I love Karen, and her books so much.

All of Karen's books are inspirational/Christian fiction. She has such a strong faith in God and religion, and she shows it in each and every book. I highly recommend this book, as well as the series and all of her other books. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

I enjoyed this book immensely, and cannot wait for the fourth, and final book to be released in a few months! 

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