Monday, May 12, 2014

Do You Read YA Novels?

Hello, everyone!

I believe a lot of us read different genres throughout our lives, but we always have one genre we always go back to. For me, I absolutely love YA novels/teenage novels. The Twilight Saga, Divergent, The Hunger Games series, etc. For some reason, I always go back to the same genre. I gravitate to though "Young Adult" section at the bookstores and libraries. Do you feel this way about a certain genre? Which genre is it?

My next question is, do you read YA novels? In case you are unaware, I am 26 years old, which is considered a young adult, but in the book world I think of YA novels as teenagers or preteens. Do you think the same way? Why do you suppose that we, who are older than the preteen/teenagers that the YA novels are "meant" for, want to always read them?

My reason for this post is because while I was reading my June addition of Cosmo, there was an article in there by John Green (Author of The Fault in Our Stars) about YA novels and why adults always seem to go back to those books time after time, and if we are too old to read YA novels.

My take: No, we will never been too old to read YA novels. They are interesting. Give you real life situations. They are emotional and powerful and for some reason, give you the warmth that other books do not seem to give. At least for me.

John speaks in his article (which could be read here) about pretty much the same thing I said. We will never be too old to read YA novels, and the reason we do is because we can relate to them. Sometime in our life, past or present, we have felt the way the young adults our YA authors write about. We have felt lost, confused, unloved, betrayed. Being able to FEEL in a book, is the best kind of book.

Do not get me wrong, any other genre can make you feel, and can have confusion, not feeling loved, betrayal, etc. But there is just something about a YA novel that gives it a different feel than other genres.

What do all of you think? Am I completely crazy, or do you think the same thing I do? Do you read YA novels, and if you do not, can you tell me why?

I am interested in hearing all of your thoughts, opinions and ideas!

Always a book worm,



Ebony McKenna. said...

I completely agree with you.
I love reading all kinds of books with a romantic theme, and I adore young adult because they're often the first time a character has come up against an obstacle. They're not as jaded and cynical as older adults, more likely to take risks perhaps?
Or maybe I simply love reliving my teenage years?
Whatever the case, I love reading them and I love writing them.

Stuck Between The Pages said...


I think you are exactly right... it's something about being able to relive teenage years. Or maybe, live through events that we didn't actual do as teens. Even if they are "bad" events. I always try to compare it to that we can relate better to YA novels because we've been through most of it before. Where in a different genre, there may be a bit less of a chance at actually experienced what the book is about.

Does that make sense?

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