Monday, July 26, 2010

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Title: To Kill A Mockingbird

Author: Harper Lee

Why I Read This Book: Because I've heard all of the 'hype' on it for years, and wanted to see if the book was REALLY as good as everyone said.

Rating: 3 stars

So, I wasn't even sure how many stars to give this review. I wanted to give it 4 stars, but at the same time, I felt like that was pushing it.

I was so disappointed in this book. EVERYONE who I knew that read this book, talked about how GREAT of a book it is, and how it's been a huge success since the day it was first published, etc. I didn't see the big deal, at all. I felt like it had WAY too much unnecessary information, and not enough detail into what the story is REALLY suppose to be about.

For example, in the beginning-ish of the book, they talk about how Atticus is a white lawyer, who is defending a black man. Through out the book, they talk about how Scout, and Jem were being teased because their father was defending this black man. But, Harper Lee didn't mention WHY for most of the book, he was defending this person, except by saying, "I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do it." Okay?? What is that suppose to tell your readers? It didn't tell us why Atticus was defending this man until almost the end of the book. My understanding of this book was that it was suppose to be about life back in the 50's thru the 70's and what life was like back then. How racism was, etc. But the book just kept going on and on about Boo Radley and how he never came out of his house, and about the walks that the kids took, etc. Who cares! I want to know more about what the story is about!! A white lawyer defending a black man in the older days!

In all honesty, the last few chapters of the book were the best, and I would give those chapters alone 5 stars, just because it kept my interest, and because I finally knew WHY Attitcus was defending this black man. I don't want to give too many details, in case someone wants to read the book for themselves. The end of the book is the actual trial, and the jury, and finding out whether or not this man was going to be acquitted, etc. I found myself wanting to keep reading to see what would happen. That's how I thought the entire book would be, but I was left very disappointed with the whole book in general.

So, my rating is 3 stars. The book was dragging too much, gave too much unnecessary information, didn't go into enough detail about the important stuff, and was just dry for me. I feel like I was let down horribly. Maybe because everyone gave it so much praise, my standards were too high.

I wouldn't recommend this book.



Joy Tamsin David said...

Oh, I'm so sad you didn't like it. This one made my top ten list.

I would say Boo was important b/c more than just racism, this book was about accepting people the way they are. Boo, in all his strange quirkiness fit right into this theme.

Stephany said...

Well, I suppose I can agree with that intake of Boo. But at the same time, I just felt like he was an unnecessary character until basically the very end when he showed up out of nowhere! I don't know, I guess you could say that I did like the book, but not enough to the point where I would read it again, add it to a favorite list, or recommend it. I blame it on all of the hype there was on it. I had my expectations too high I suppose!

Steph: Short and Sweet said...

I actually really loved this book. The start was very boring, but a couple of chapters in you get to see what racism and how the symbol of the mockingbird came to be in Scouts eyes. She was a great character because you learn things with her. But I can see how you didn't like it :)

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