Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday!!! All Time Favorite Books!

Top ten Tuesday is actually a weekly feature that the other blog, The Broke and the Bookish, that I am apart of decided to create. It's
a fun way to get other blogs into the top ten lists as well! So, here is my top ten list of my favorite books of all time!

I actually have a feeling that this list is going to be hard to decide which books to add to this list. I do want to say that this list is NOT in order, it's just a list of 10 books that I came up with!!

  1. The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer - how many other lists do you suppose this series is on? I told myself I wouldn't fall into the obsessive-ness of this series, but, I think it's too late.... who knew that sparkly vampires would be so addicting?
  2. My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult - Jodi is one of my all time favorite authors, and I have loved every book shes ever written, but I think this one is by far the best and my favorite out of all of them. My Grandma actually recommended this book to me, and ever since, I've been a Picoult junkie!
  3. On Every Side by Karen Kingsbury - if you're into the books where politics, religion and freedom plays a role, this is definitely the book for you! This books takes all of these aspects and makes you see, well, every side of the issue. There was a popular statue of Jesus in a public park, and someone who didn't believe in religion/Jesus, was trying to have it removed. This book goes into the high depths of fighting against those who have different beliefs than yours, and as I said, trying to see every side!
  4. Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich - I was trying so hard to stay away from actual series. I mean, this is a top ten list of favorites BOOKS! But, this entire series is just so good! You will laugh your butt off through out every book in this series. It's the type of series where you're sitting quietly in a library reading and you will literally laugh out loud so everyone looks at you thinking, "How can you laugh out loud at a BOOK?" Trust me, you can!
  5. IraqiGirl - This book doesn't really have an author listed. It's the actual diary of teenaged girl growing up in Iraq with the war going on. [[ Review to come soon! ]] I'm not real big on diary type books, but this book is absolutely AMAZING! The way these entries are written, and explained, makes you see how horrible it really is in Iraq right now. This is a MUST read!
  6. About Face by Fern Michaels - this book was also recommended to me by my Grandma. It's a very good book and is written in such detail, that you can actually feel as if you're apart of the characters family.
  7. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson - this is probably my all time favorite book EVER written! I read this book back in eighth grade as a requirement for a class but I would read this book over and over and over again! Even the lifetime movie was good!
  8. Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah - i almost for about about this book!!!! I just recently read this book, and this was an absolutely amazing book. One of those page turners that you can't put down! It's heartbreaking, happy, sad, every emotion you can imagine in ONE book!! Another MUST READ!
  9. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton - this was a book that my 7th grade English teacher read to us as an assignment. It was a GREAT book. I remember looking forward to going to that class, to hear what was going to happen next. I think I may add this to my to-be-read-list, so I can read it myself rather than having it read TO me!
  10. A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick - this actually has three books following it, i haven't read the third one yet, but the second was is almost as equally good as the first! If you know of anyone who has had breast cancer, whether they survived or not, you should definitely read this book. It makes you realize just how important true friendship really is!


Jamie said...

I JUST got Iraqi Girl in the mail from the publisher! I'm so stoked to see it makes your top ten!!

Stephany said...

When I saw the email that went out about it, I decided to check to see if they had it at my local library, and they did! At first when I started reading it, I was kind of disappointed, but now it's hard for me to put it down! I'm almost finished with it. If I was to put these in order, it would probably have to be number one!

Stephany said...

Jamie... I finished reading IraqiGirl and have added my review to my site if you would like to read it! There may be a few spoilers though, so just be careful!! But yes, it's definitely a MUST read! By far the best book I've read all summer!

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