Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tangled by Carolyn Mackler

TangledTitle: Tangled

Author: Carolyn Mackler

Where I Got It: Library

Why I Read It: I read a review for it on a different blog, and added it to my TBR List.

Rating: C

So, it was actually hard for me to give it an actual grade rating. When I first started the book, I was thinking, "Definitely a D", then as the book went on, I was thinking, "Not a D, an F!" but then as I just closed the book, after reading the last page, I was like, "Okay, not a D or F, but definitely not an A." So, I went with the C.

Before I tell you why I went with a C, let me tell you what the book is about, from the inside flap of the book:

Not the state of being, but a resort in the Caribbean. Jena, Dakota, Skye and Owen are all there for different reasons, but as Paradise their lives become tangled together in ways none of them can predict. Paradise will change them all. It will change Jena, whose first brush with romance takes her that much closer to having a life, and not just reading about those infinitely cooler and more exciting. It will change Dakota, who needs the devastating truth about his past to make him realize that he doesn't have to be a jerk just because people think he's one. It will change Skye, a heartbreakingly beautiful actress, who must come to terms with the fact that for once she has to stop playing a role or face the concesquences. And it will change Owen, who has never risked anything before and who will take the leap from his online life to a real one all because of a girl he met at Paradise... From confused to confident and back again, one thing's certain: Four months after it all begins, none of them will ever be the same.

So, to me, even from reading the inside flap, I feel like there's something missing. A vital piece, or pieces, of information that needs to be told in order to completely understand the book. The book starts off as all of the named characters go to Paradise with their families to get away. All of the characters end up meeting one another in some sort of fashion, (I don't want to give too many spoilers away), and have a sort of connection. Then the book jumps back to the "real world" where their lives really are. The book goes into sections, each with the title of the character's name and their story. For example, "Skye's Story", and "Owen's Story", etc. Which in itself is pretty cool, however, I felt like in each story there was A LOT missing. I almost also felt like each character could have their own book written. Another thing I didn't like was that each character's story just came to an big road block ending. The book never explains exactly what happens to each character except for maybe Owen and Jena. Their stories have a pretty good, detailed and satisfying ending. But Skye and Dakota's stories/endings are kinda just still hanging out there and the author just leaves you wondering what happened.

But, my biggest issue was the terms, words, etc. that was being used for different things. There was a lot of sex talk, and boner talk, and blow job talk, etc. in this book. I felt like the WAY it was written was written in a poorly, immature manner. I feel like the author could have written this in a less offensive way. Some of the things that were said is what made me say, "Rating is an F!" But overall, I think the book deserves a C, leaning very close to a D.

Maybe you'll enjoy this book, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I was actually quite disappointed and found myself wanting to rush through it just to get it over with. I don't like to start a book and not finish it, no matter how completely awful it is.

My rating:

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TheBookGirl said...

Hi Stephany,

Very fair and honest review. I know its hard to review things that are not to one's taste, and I think you did a great job with that. From your description, this is definitely not a book for me.

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