Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reading Slump!

So, I am in the BIGGEST reading slump right now! Ugh! Do you ever get that way, after either reading a fantastic book, and you're afraid the next book you pick up just won't be good enough to top the one you just finished, so then you aren't interested in reading? Or maybe you went through 5 books and read them all quickly, and now you just can't get into the feel of reading? I really hate it when that happens! I WANT to read, and I've got the books available, but I just can't seem to bring myself out of this slump!!! 

So, I'm writing this post to ask all of YOU what you do when you're in a reading slump! How do you get out of it? Are there any "special" tricks to it? What are your suggestions for me to do (activities, hobbies) that will get me back into reading? Or maybe their are some books that you can read to get out of a slump you can suggest?

I will take ANY suggestions!!! I WANT OUT OF THIS SLUMP NOW!! 


Mary said...

Oh, girl. I'm so sorry! I've been there-done that, too.

But there are so many great books out there. Maybe:
WICKED LOVELY by Melissa Marr
CANDOR by Pam Bachorz

Good luck on breaking out of your slump. Happy reading!
The Book Swarm

Jen said...

I haven't finished a book in about two weeks because I just don't feel like reading. My only suggestion is to make yourself read for a few minutes and see if you want to continue. Or maybe read some short stories. Don't force yourself to read though.

Good luck! I hope your reading slump ends soon! :)

Stephany said...

Mary.. I know there are a lot of good books out there! I just haven't really found one to bring me out of my slump yet. The horrible part is, I'm in SUCH a reading slump, I can't find the energy to even LOOK for books! Lol. Hopefully it'll pass soon! I will look into those books though!

Jen.. I've tried the whole reading for a few minutes thing, but because I can't seem to find a good enough book, I just give up altogether. One of my favorite authors is Kristin Hannah and I can't even get into her books. I don't like it! Lol.

TheBookGirl said...

Something that has worked for me is to listen to audiobooks on my ipod. It gets me engaged in a story in a different way, and sometimes that's enough to get me going again :)

christina said...

I hate falling into book slumps. Ultimately I just have to change up my genre. Like, i went through this big *thing* at the beginning of the year where I read TONS of retellings. But then I got bored. So I had to move FAR AWAY from that genre! :)

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