Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!!!

Hello Everyone!! This is kinda late (I've been soo busy!), but I recently got a Stylish Blogger Award from T.C. McKee! She has been helping me out quite a bit lately with the whole blogging stuff, trying to give me tips to get more traffic on my blog, etc. So, I want to Thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping me out with the tips/ideas, and for giving me this awesome award!!!

Now, as most of you know, when you receive an award, you have to pass it on to 15 people! I am not expecting everyone to pass this award on to others, because I know a lot of you are busy. I just ask that you PLEASE accept the award, and let me know in a comment that you accepted it! So, without further ado, here are the 15 bloggers that I chose:

Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner
Steph at StephTheBookworm
Cindy at Oodles of Books;
Carrie at Just One More Chapter
Kate at Kate's Library
Bewitched Book Worms
Isalys and Vanessa at Book Soulmates 
Emilie at Emilie's Book World 
Danielle at Every Last Page
Bree at Bree's Books
Angela at Library Girl Reads
Lost in the Library
The Book Bee
YA Highway
A Book Geek

And now, here are seven facts about myself!

1.) I love the smell of new, and old books.
2.) I hate winter, even though I live in one of the snowiest states in the US.
3.) In the past year or so, I've learned how to live for me, and not for pleasing others.
4.) I absolutely love working at my place of employment!
5.) I'm a huge people-person, and I get bored/lonely quickly when I'm not around people.
6.) I absolutely love food. I love cooking food, reading about food, eating food, watching Food Network, I love everything about food!
7.) I have a dream to have a book published someday.

I hope you all enjoyed receiving this award from me, and enjoyed reading my seven facts! Now, I would like all of YOU to share at least one fact about yourself with me, so I can get to know all of you too! Also, if you were a winner of this award, remember that you DO NOT have to repost, or pass it on, I just simply would like you to comment on here and let me know you've received the award, and share a fun fact! =)

Thanks again to T.C Mckee for giving me this award!!!


Kate said...

Hey! Thank you so much for passing on such a glitzy award! :) I love the smell of books as well - you're not alone!

How kind of you. Thank you!

One Pushy Fox said...

Thank you so much for the award!!! I too love the smell of books! No matter how much I love my Kindle and my iPod I will ALWAYS want physical books.

Now, one new fact about about this: I have a cat that seriously thinks he's a dog. He fights with my dog, tries to escape the house, the whole bit. :)

Thanks again, on behalf of all the Bookworms!

Emilie said...

Thanks for the award Stephany! I've been given this award a few times already but unfortunately I never seem to find the time to write a post about it and pass it on to other bloggers. And of course as a book lover I LOVE the smell of books, especially new ones!

Stephany said...

You're all very much welcome!!!! And I completely understand not having time to repost, which is why I only asked you all to let me know you've received the award!! It took me almost a week to repost! Haha.

I hope to see you all around my blog!!!

Kate Hart said...

Thanks for the award to YA Highway! :)

ABookGeek said...

I want to thank you so much for the very nice award! Naturally, I love the smell of books too. Something about me . . . I have more books than I know what to do with - literally. I have boxes of books in the basement and shelves stuffed to the breaking point. That's why we got Kindles.

Briana said...

Thanks so much Stephany! I very graciously accept! :)
I too, love the smell of books AND food. haha

And I totally recommend reading Delirium! One of my favorite books ever. :)

Thanks again! xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me! I really needed that today :) As for the skinny bitch seriously changed my life. I am re-reading it right now and I will def. post a review! Have a good day!

StephTheBookworm said...

Thank you so much! How thoughtful of you to pass it along to me! I also like Food Network. They have a lot of really good shows.

кєяo said...

Congratulations from кєяo's Book Blog!
I've chosen you for the One Lovely Blog Award.

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