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Title: IraqiGirl

Author: A teenaged girl named, Hadiya

Published by: Haymarket Books

Why I Read This: It was actually recommended to the other blog The Broke and Bookish, that I belong to, for one of us to read. Someone else requested it before I could, so I decided to check to see if it was at my local library, which it was!

Rating: 5+ stars!

WOW! I don't even know where to begin this book review. This is probably by far, the best book that I've read this summer!

Hadiya, a teenager in Iraq during the war, decided to start a blog. At first she was basically just talking about her life in general, but as the war started, almost every entry she posted was about what was going on in Iraq.

The book is set up just like a diary, with the dates listed, then the title of the entry, and then the contents of it.

Hadiya makes you feel almost like you're actually IN her place, sitting there writing that particular blog entry, as if you were her. She explains everything going on and around Iraq with just enough detail to make it sound real, and not so much as fake, or making it uninteresting.

She explains how they don't have regular electricity, and how it goes in and out constantly, how they don't have clean, running water, how the streets of Iraq are so dangerous, that most of the time families refuse to leave their house for days, or even weeks because they're afraid a road side bomb, or worse yet, an American Solider, will kill them and/or their families.

Even though Hadiya did a fantastic job at explaining the situation, and what's going on, and it makes you feel like you can realize, and understand what exactly it's like to hear bombs going off 24 hrs a day, and wondering if it was someone you knew who got killed just then, this book also makes you realize that you really DON'T know what's going on there, unless you're there to witness it for yourself.

I give Hadiya major kudos for being brave enough to write such a blog, and to explain what's going on. I never agreed that we should have a war, and I definitely don't agree that the American Soliders should still be over there, but reading this made me even MORE anti-war!

Yes, we were attacked on September 11th, and Saddam Heuissan and his allies, and whoever else was apart of 9/11 did deserve us to probably go to war. However, its gone on long enough and no one really knows WHY the Americans are still over there. I think it's time to send the troops home and back to their families. It's time to stop killing thousands of innocent Iraqi's, and whoever else, every single day. It's time to stop killing the American soliders as well.


There is one down fall that I must comment on however. I'm not real sure if this is a spoiler or not, so just be aware and read carefully!!! But, in one part of the book, Hadiya explains how it was "Just one building that got destroyed on September 11th." Well, actually, it wasn't just a building that got destroyed, we too lost thousands of innocent people that day, including a lot of family members, not to mention the plane that went down in Pennsylvania as well. That one little bit of the book really irked me and upset me to read that.

****End Spoiler*****

All in all, this was a FANTASTIC book, and if the star rating system went higher than 5, I would definitely give it a 10! Everyone had to your TBR list right away!


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