Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Romantic Mystery Author, Jacki Delecki: Grace Walters Best Dress Heels Contest!

Ladies, I am sure that each other us, at least one time in our live, has been on Pinterest, or any where else on the internet and looked at pairs of heels, one right after another and wished how we could buy them all and wear them, right?

Well, Jacki Delecki is offering a contest to win a $50 DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) gift card! All you have to do is go to her Facebook page (link is shown below) and a post a photo of your favorite pair of high heels (can be ones you really own, or ones you wish you did have!) on the post. Easy, right?

The contest is running from now until June 30th, where a winner will be chosen at random on July 1st. You can also post as many times between now and then for better chances at winning!

Here is where you can go enter the contest:

Also, in case anyone is interested, here is a bit more about it on Jacki's website, which can be found here:

And if you are the winner... Happy Shopping!!!

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